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3 Countries Where I Have Loved Taking the Bus

09/07/2017 | granada | 0 Comment |

3 Countries Where I Have Loved Taking the Bus

Taking the bus on your travels might not seem like the most luxurious experience, but there are times where it can be the best way to see a new location. There are some countries where you can only truly experience the countryside and life outside the cities by either driving or taking a private bus. I’ve had a wonderful time reading, thinking, and watching the scenery go by on a number of bus rides, but there are a few countries where the location has really made an impression.


Here are 3 countries that have been delightfully enjoyable by bus.


1.    The Czech Republic


Not only is the bus system in Eastern Europe inexpensive, but it also has some aspect of luxury that other services around the world don’t. Consistent WiFi? A cappuccino? A movie for you to enjoy? The Czech buses have all of this and also offer a variety of routes to various places in Eastern Europe. Also, there is a lovely sense of calm on each of these buses. No one talks and you can enjoy the ride in relative peace and quiet.


Whether you are planning on making the trek all the way to Budapest or you are just hopping over to Vienna, you’ll love how the bus system here is catered to being more like a flight and is dedicated to making passengers feel comfortable.


2.    Morocco


Although every single bus ride I experienced in Morocco was long, there were a number of reasons why this was still my preferred way of getting around the country. Because Morocco is so big (which might be surprising to many Westerners), taking the bus is preferable to a crowded train ride. Also, Moroccan manners make most bus rides pleasant and quiet, with plenty of stops along the way for a coffee and a bathroom break. A cheap upgrade can also give you snacks, water, and a comfier bus all the way around.


Also, the scenery is lovely and can often be missed traveling any other way. While it might be tempting to take your own car or to rent one, it’s easier to see the gorgeous mountains and never-ending Sahara Desert when you have chosen to let someone else take the wheel. Enjoy the ride—even if it can be a little long and taxing sometimes.


3.    Guatemala


While some discourage the use of buses in Guatemala, I had no problem with it and found them quite comfortable. There has been news of buses being hijacked, but I had no problem taking the night bus from one side of the country to the other. The seats reclined back far enough that you could easily take a nap, and the bus itself had plenty of air conditioning and leg room to keep me comfortable on the long ride.


It might not always pay to take the bus here, but most tourist buses are unlikely to be hassled and there are often few instances of crime than others might be concerned about. If you are on the fence about using a bus, then you might want to change your mind.


Traveling requires that you often take some other modes of transportation than you would otherwise. Before you run to rent a car, remember that taking a bus is sometimes the best way for you to sit back and enjoy your trip.



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